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Aluminum Tubes

100% protection of content from external environment.

Some products can be very sensitive to light or oxygen and therefore need to be packaged safely. In other cases it can be the surrounding environment that needs to be protected from the product. In both cases a complete barrier is required, which makes the aluminium tube the perfect solution.

One advantage of the aluminium tube is that it doesn’t re-assume its original shape during use, which means that the product is not in contact with any oxygen throughout its lifecycle. With the help of a thin membrane (tamper evidence) at the tube opening (which breaks on first use), the tube provides a guarantee for both end customers and for You as the supplier that the product is completely untouched.

We can offer a wide product range with diameters from 13.5 to 50 mm. Depending on size, we can then print the tubes with 4-6 colour offset and with our long experience in manufacturing and printing aluminium tubes, we can offer an advanced and excellent print quality.

With our broad customer base, we can also offer caps that suit each client’s needs. An aluminium tube is totally recyclable, making it an ideal packaging option at a time when end-users are increasingly beginning to value a company’s environmental awareness.

Categories: Tubes

Special product features


3-275 ml


13.5-50 mm
Length: 50-200 mm


Open end, Membrane, Elongated


99.7% aluminum
100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) aluminum


 4-6 color offset


Wide range of caps

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Aluminum Tubes

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